Clarksville Zombie Hunters

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Clarksville Zombie Hunters is an elite force of specially trained, tactical hunters whose only mission is to find and exterminate walkers...before they find and exterminate the rest of us. We want you to be a Clarksville Zombie Hunter. We will equip you and train you to survive and save humanity. Clarksville's future depends on you -- do you have what it takes?

Come enjoy Clarksville’s Favorite Halloween Theme Park, with 8 Attractions at one location, featuring the explosive Zombie Paintball Hayride Experience! Ride on a trailer, armed with paintball guns, through woods filled with zombie targets and LIVE ACTOR zombies. Remember to shoot them in the head! Each ride lasts about 20 minutes and is intensely exciting. Safe and fun for all ages. Zombies don't shoot back, just don't get bit!

Open seasonally around Halloween (usually the last weekend in September through the first weekend in November), you'll want to purchase tickets online in advance to this very popular and outrageously fun experience.


3975 Martha's Chapel Road
Cunningham, TN
United States

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